Eco-Friendly Product: Bagasse (Sugarcane)

Production Process

Bagasse Products

Different Types / Outlook of Food Packaging Design Available

Process of Biodegrading

What is Biodegrading?
Can the microorganisms in the disposal system (composting, soil, anaerobic bacterial) assimilate / utilize the carbon substrate as food source completely in a short defined time period?

Biodegradation:Only if all fragmented residues consumed by microorganisms as a food & energy source

The Decomposing Method
  • The Bagasse material is certified to EN13432 (EU) and ASTM D6400 (USA) approved.  This material will be decomposed around 12 weeks under desirable environment. 
  • Used Bagasse Products can be disposed to domestic garbage recycling bin / roadside bin for further recycling purpose / reclamation.
  • Our Bagasse products are not necessary to be bleached with any toxic chemical for whitening solutions

Decomposing illustration

The Lifecycle of Bagasse

Advantage of Bagasse Products

  • Bagasse material is compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, renewable and sustainable.
  • Widespread cultivation with emerging economies.
  • An alternated material for disposal item that is friendly to our environment. Without Harms to our home Earth.

Specification of Bagasse Products

Maximum Temperature Absorb


Maximum Loading Capacity


Liquid Resistance

Oil and Water



Freezer Safe


Renewable / Recyclable


Degradation Time

Around 12 weeks
(under desirable environment)

Production Energy Required